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Our Services


World Class Pricing is focused on helping business-to-business firms achieve world class excellence in the profitable management of pricing activities.  Using our unique Well Business Pricing Management® process (see our white paper for further details of the Well Business Pricing Management process), we help clients uncover the root causes of practices that limit the profit impact of successful pricing management.


We don’t treat pricing symptoms: instead, we focus on the underlying business functions and practices that destroy excellent pricing management and sap a business’s profitability.  We help our clients see the connection between their business practices and clear paths to achieving world class excellence in the pricing function.


While the scope of World Class Pricing’s offering includes value based pricing strategy development, our philosophy is that strategy alone is a wasted effort.  To be successful, managers must develop thoughtful strategy as well as powerful implementation routes.  At World Class Pricing, the perspective is on “making the strategy stick,” not just building slick strategy statements.  So, from the start of an engagement, you’ll find World Class Pricing asking,

  • How do we make a pricing strategy work in this business?
  • What will get in the way of making the strategy work, and how do we overcome those obstacles?
  •  Who needs to buy in to this pricing strategy to make it work, and how do we get their commitment?
  •  What organizational processes will support/hinder successful implementation of this strategy?

The Well Business Pricing Management® process provides three main service

  • Organizational Readiness Scan – We help clients identify which specific functions and processes are limiting their pricing processes.  The focus of the ORS is to define those activities that, when moved to world class performance levels, will have the most impact on the business unit’s profitability.
  • Skill Development – World Class Pricing provides a broad array of skill development workshops, ranging from executive briefings to marketing and sales programs.  Workshops using a client’s specific pricing problems are available, as well as programs designed for alliance partners and distribution channel firms.  Custom designed workshops as well as workshops using standard formats and case studies are available.
  • Advisory Services – A broad range of consulting services are also available.  These can range from executive or managerial coaching through full engagements on customer targeting, value definition, offering design, communication message development, and negotiation preparation. 



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